Volunteer Spotlight – April 2018

Jane has been a proud volunteer for the YWCA for over 14 years. She helps out twice a week with the food pantry that offers fresh food such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, bread, and pasta to the seniors.

“It feels good to help those who otherwise could not do for themselves.”

What has kept her volunteering with the YWCA for so long? Laughter and friends.

“I laugh a lot here and have a good time. The YWCA has good people and programs that I learn a lot from. It is helpful on every level!”

Volunteer of the Month: Jeffery Ryanson – Ozanam Manor

Jeffrey rides his bike to our shelter, regardless of the temperature outside. He always arrives early with a smile and kind word, and a piece of candy for residents and staff. “He is a true Candy Man”. He is always willing to do whatever needs to be done at the shelter.

Recently, he has taken on the additional responsibility of assisting us in covering for our Facilities Manager who has been off ill for several weeks. Specifically, he has picked up meals, shopped for supplies, stocked supplies, cleaned the kitchen, made minor repairs, assisted residents, performed dorm and site inspections, assisted with breakfast prep & serving, assisted with service visits, covered phones & assisted in the office. He always wishes staff & clients a blessed day!

He is a true blessing at Ozanam Manor and we are truly thankful for everything he does and the wonderful way he does it. He is truly a hardworking, kind, & generous man that we are very fortunate to have as a volunteer at Ozanam Manor.

Great work Jeffrey!

Linda Hobson: Volunteer Of The Month

Saint Mary’s Food Bank Alliance is proud to announce Ms. Linda Hobson as the Volunteer of the Month for December 2017! Linda volunteers with Mayer Area Meals on Wheels Program and has volunteered with this organization since February, 2017.

Linda is responsible for creating the Gift Shop associated with this Partner Agency when she first arrived to volunteer. She sorts through all of the donations received and selects those donations that are sold in the Gift Shop, and sends the remaining donations to other local organizations so no donations are wasted. All of the money raised in the gift shop goes towards the Meals on Wheels Food Program that supports the town of Mayer and the surrounding communities with over 1,500 congregate meals and 325 families served monthly.

Linda is retired and wanted to volunteer towards a very worthwhile organization that truly makes a difference in her community, as well as the sense of satisfaction she gets from helping others that are less fortunate than her. She is proud to be part of the team of volunteers that supports the Mayer Area Meals on Wheels Program.

Thank you for all of the work you do, Linda!

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Anita Matthews: Volunteer of the Month

We would like to recognize Anita Matthews with Parker Food Bank as our November Outstanding Volunteer of the Month!

Anita has been volunteering at Parker Food Bank for over 5 years and was nominated by food bank staff member Maria Sanchez to highlight her great work. In her role as greeter and client intake volunteer, Maria describes Anita as a dedicated volunteer that can be characterized by 3 H’s- humble, happy, and honest. Anita began volunteering at the food bank to be able to reciprocate the help she received when she fell on hard times and sought assistance from others. She understands the importance of being reliable and honoring your word in day to day operations and uses this as her motivation to volunteer weekly.

When she’s not spending her time at the Parker Food Bank, Anita can be found volunteering at the locale senior center. Anita’s favorite thing about volunteering is being able to spread her positivity to help turn a client’s mood around all while providing a necessity they may not have otherwise received. We would like to thank Anita and the Parker Food Bank for all they do to help the community!

Thank you Anita!

28,000 Hours of Service

Congratulations Mary Jane at Banner Olive Branch—SMFBA June Volunteer of the Month!


Mary Jane is passionate about helping others in need and says that she received this gift from her father, Marvin Gibson, who was one of the original founders of the Westside Food Bank. Mary Jane first started volunteering at Banner Olive Branch in the spring of 1990.  Her first role was operating their food distribution program, called Care Club, which worked alongside Westside Food Bank.  Since then Mary Jane’s volunteer roles have volunteerevolved. She is now ordering and organizing office supplies, answering phones, and filing documents for the senior center. She is also in charge of scheduling all of the home-bound meal deliveries. Ivy Glinski, Director of the Senior Center, describes Mary Jane as a “walking encyclopedia” with her vast knowledge and experience from volunteering in Sun City and Banner Olive Branch.  Without her support, Banner Olive Branch would be very hard pressed to continue to do what they do on a daily basis to help those in need.  This past month, Mary Jane celebrated her 28,000th volunteer hour with Banner Olive Branch. It’s because of her commitment and dedication that we would like to congratulate all of her amazing work and name her our SMFBA June Volunteer of the Month!


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Morgan Stanley Grant to Expand Program Delivering Nutritious Meals to AZ Children & Families

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance recently received a $50,000 grant from the Morgan Stanley Foundation to fund its BackPack Program, which helps to ensure students continue to receive nutritious food during school breaks.

The grant is part of the Morgan Stanley Foundation’s recently announced $8 million, four-year pledge to support Feeding America, a nationwide network of 200 food banks, and its children’s hunger and produce programs. Since the firm’s partnership with Feeding America launched in 2009, the Foundation has given over $21 million, including $60,000 to St. Mary’s.

“We are thrilled to receive this important grant from the Morgan Stanley Foundation in support of our efforts to deliver more nutritious meals to children and families in Phoenix,” said St. Mary’s President and CEO Tom Kertis.  “Morgan Stanley and its employees provide vital support for St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance by generous contributions like this and many hours volunteering.”

St. Mary’s BackPack Program puts nutritious food directly into the hands of children at risk of hunger by filling backpacks with staples like peanut butter, milk, cereal, bread and canned goods.  With this program, children who are eligible to receive reduced-price or free lunch at school can get the nutrition they need, even when they are not in school over weekends or long breaks.

“We are honored to be able to help St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance in its important fight against child hunger,” said Morgan Stanley Complex Manager Rob Gaines. “Our employees volunteer regularly with St. Mary’s so we are delighted to extend our support through this grant and provide even more children with the foods they need to learn, grow and thrive.”