St. Mary’s Food Bank To Send Truckload To Hurricane Michael Victims

This afternoon, St. Mary’s Food Bank was asked to activate in its role as responder to national disasters and provide a truckload of food to the victims of Hurricane Michael in Florida. Now that the search and rescue efforts have wound down, the emphasis changes to providing food to those who have either been displaced from their homes or remain without power.

The food bank will be compiling the requested items during the weekend and a truck will leave for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Big Bend in Tallahassee Florida early next week.

We have received many calls from Arizonans wondering how they can help. In order to get this food to where it needs to be as soon as possible, St. Mary’s will pull from its own shelves for the disaster relief. That leaves us short on the types of foods that will depart – peanut butter, canned fruits and vegetables, ready-to-eat canned meals and other non-perishables. We are asking for your help by making a cash donation to or by donating our most-needed food items to drive boxes at your nearest Goodwill location.

St. Mary’s has responded to several disasters in the past year. This has taxed our reserves, especially in the past 30 days. With the holidays soon upon us, please consider helping us replenish now.