Take Action Against Hunger, Feed a Struggling Neighbor

Today, you can help feed a hungry neighbor. Right here in our area we distribute enough food for 250,000 meals every day to people at risk of going hungry.

We believe that everyone should have access to food. That is why September Hunger Action Month is so important – 30 days of focusing on ending hunger and increasing awareness that there is still a lot to be done.

For example, the steeply rising cost of food, rent and basic necessities is making it extremely difficult for low-income families, seniors and others in need. Our neighbors are suffering.

There are seniors who have worked hard all their lives, yet they are skipping meals to pay for their medications. If not for St. Mary’s, they would have nothing to eat.

Imagine children going to school hungry. They can’t concentrate on schoolwork because their stomachs are growling. Boys and girls from low-income families have the most difficult time on Mondays because they have had very little to eat over the weekend. They are tired and have very little energy.

But you can make a real difference by taking action today!

For every $1 you send, we can distribute enough food for 7 meals. Just think how many neighbors you can help today! Thank you for your continued partnership to fight hunger in our community.