A Letter from Our President & Chief Executive Officer . . . Tom Kertis

A Time To Bring Hope

Spring is a time of renewal, a time of fresh starts and a time of hope. For many local children and families in our community, they need that hope more than ever.

In Arizona, nearly 30% of our neighbors are considered working poor, working tirelessly at a job—or multiple jobs—to support their families. They can barely afford their rent and utilities, let alone nutritious food.

No one should have to skip meals to pay the rent. Your continued support ensures our neighbors have somewhere to turn when they can’t put food on their tables. That’s why I hope you’ll give today to our 2018 Annual Fund Drive to Fight Hunger in Arizona. Any amount you can give means more hungry children and families in our community will have the nutritious food they need.

With your compassion and partnership, we can put food on the tables of our neighbors who need it most. Thank you for being a vital part of fighting hunger in Arizona

The Joy You Bring

A Letter from Our President & Chief Executive Officer – Tom Kertis

You put nutritious food on the tables of hungry neighbors when
you support St. Mary’s Food Bank this holiday season. What you
may not be aware of is the joy you bring to the people you help,
especially this time of year.

With holiday celebrations and food seemingly everywhere, many
families often feel left out of the festivities — like they’re on the
outside looking in. That’s where your compassion and generosity
come into play.

I wish you could see the joy (sometimes accompanied by tears)
on their faces when they walk out of St. Mary’s Food Bank with a
box brimming with delicious foods — even turkeys — knowing
they too will be able to celebrate around the table. Truly priceless!

You are the reason for that joy. It’s only because of caring friends
like you that St. Mary’s Food Bank can get food to those in need
across Arizona. So thank you, and if you are able, please continue
your kind support with a generous gift today.

Every $1 you share provides 7 meals for children, families, and
seniors. Just imagine all the good you will do . . . all the joy you
will bring!

Best wishes this fall,

The Joy You Bring 1

A Letter from Our President & Chief Executive Officer, Tom Kertis – Your Neighbors

Summertime Struggles

Did you know that many of our neighbors actually dread the coming of summer?

Instead of looking forward to relaxing vacations or summertime fun, they are worrying about how they will feed their kids since school-provided meals are over, and if they can afford childcare until school is back in session, or whether there will be any money left over after the exorbitant costs of utility bills to fight the Arizona heat.

The good news is, these struggling families and seniors can turn to St. Mary’s Food Bank for the help they need. Support from dedicated friends like you ensures that despite all life’s other challenges, they can still put nutritious, sustaining food on the table.

You are teaching Joanna the skills she needs to better care for her young son, Angel (cover story). You are helping families like Stephanie and her sons (page 3) get the food they so desperately need. You are helping Ana bring home nutritious food for her two boys (page 3). And you are helping growing kids like Isaac, Jesse and Alynna get the healthy meals they need this summer (page 4).

Please remember your neighbors who are struggling with hunger this summer. If you are able, we would love to have you join us as a volunteer so you can see firsthand all the good you are doing!

Thank you.