Volunteer of the Month: Jeffery Ryanson – Ozanam Manor

Jeffrey rides his bike to our shelter, regardless of the temperature outside. He always arrives early with a smile and kind word, and a piece of candy for residents and staff. “He is a true Candy Man”. He is always willing to do whatever needs to be done at the shelter.

Recently, he has taken on the additional responsibility of assisting us in covering for our Facilities Manager who has been off ill for several weeks. Specifically, he has picked up meals, shopped for supplies, stocked supplies, cleaned the kitchen, made minor repairs, assisted residents, performed dorm and site inspections, assisted with breakfast prep & serving, assisted with service visits, covered phones & assisted in the office. He always wishes staff & clients a blessed day!

He is a true blessing at Ozanam Manor and we are truly thankful for everything he does and the wonderful way he does it. He is truly a hardworking, kind, & generous man that we are very fortunate to have as a volunteer at Ozanam Manor.

Great work Jeffrey!