Linda Hobson: Volunteer Of The Month

Linda Hobson: Volunteer Of The Month

Saint Mary’s Food Bank Alliance is proud to announce Ms. Linda Hobson as the Volunteer of the Month for December 2017! Linda volunteers with Mayer Area Meals on Wheels Program and has volunteered with this organization since February, 2017.

Linda is responsible for creating the Gift Shop associated with this Partner Agency when she first arrived to volunteer. She sorts through all of the donations received and selects those donations that are sold in the Gift Shop, and sends the remaining donations to other local organizations so no donations are wasted. All of the money raised in the gift shop goes towards the Meals on Wheels Food Program that supports the town of Mayer and the surrounding communities with over 1,500 congregate meals and 325 families served monthly.

Linda is retired and wanted to volunteer towards a very worthwhile organization that truly makes a difference in her community, as well as the sense of satisfaction she gets from helping others that are less fortunate than her. She is proud to be part of the team of volunteers that supports the Mayer Area Meals on Wheels Program.

Thank you for all of the work you do, Linda!

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