Deb and Charlie Hoag – Williams Food Pantry

Deb and Charlie Hoag- Williams Food Pantry 1

We would like to congratulate Deb and Charlie Hoag with the Williams Food Pantry and More as our September Outstanding Volunteers of the Month! It’s not easy beginning your own food pantry but when the Williams community needed a new food pantry, Deb and Charlie volunteered to lead the program. Their enthusiasm has brought brand new life to the food pantry in Williams and has brought new partners throughout the area. Just recently, Williams Food Pantry & More partnered with Old Trails for the 60th Anniversary event by encouraging food or monetary donations to the Food Pantry in exchange for a raffle ticket. Deb and Charlie are already continuing look at new programs and new opportunities to further assist the Williams Community. They say their name is the “Williams Food Pantry & More” because their goal is to not only provide food but be a centralized resource center for anyone who needs assistance. We are so excited to see their continual success which is are our September Volunteers of the Month!

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APS Saves Trees and Feeds Arizona’s Hungry with Donation to St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance has a special place in our heart for our “Hunger Heroes” – companies and organizations that donate food time and money to the mission of helping Arizona’s hungry.

And then there are committed companies like Arizona Public Service – that do all THREE in one day!

Before a group of APS volunteers headed into our Knight Client Services Center to help pack and distribute emergency food boxes on July 31, APS presented St. Mary’s President and CEO Beverly Damore with a check for $20,000 and 700 pounds of canned food collected during a company drive.

But how APS raised the donation money is a story in itself.  The company recently completed marketing campaign urged customers to sign up for online services at  such as registering their accounts online, opting for paperless billing and signing up for AutoPay. When customers signed up for these services, APS donated a dollar on their behalf.

It took just one month for APS to reach its $20,000 donation goal. In all, the marketing campaign, which ran from June through July 13, resulted in 5,045 new registrations, 12,388 new paperless enrollments and 3,345 new AutoPay enrollments.

“This promotion was a huge success,” said Donald Case, Web Manager. “We were able to increase the number of customers taking part in self-serve activities on, giving them all the convenience and benefits the site offers, while helping provide hundreds of thousands of meals for Arizonans in need.”

The donations of food and fund will allow St. Mary’s to distribute enough food to provide more than 140,000 meals to the community. And we really appreciate the APS employees who volunteered their time to help the nearly 1,000 families who came to the Knight Center for emergency food boxes today. APS has donated 400 volunteer hours to St. Mary’s in just the last few months!

On behalf of the hungry of Arizona … Thank you APS!

Channel 15 Morning Team Helps Distribute Holiday Food Boxes for Thanksgiving

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance would like to thank the morning team at Channel 15 – among them anchor Connie Colla, meteorologist Amy Murphy and reporters Brien McElhatten and Kimberly Cheng – for donating their time on Nov. 23 at our Knight Client Services Center. The team packed holiday food boxes and carried them out to the client’s cars, listened to stories and even posed for pictures with those who asked.

Channel 15 is a very committed and community-minded station and one of the driving forces behind Operation Santa Claus, a charity that helps not only St. Mary’s but several other worthy charities during the holiday season. But no one had to tell Brien or Kimberly where to come for their shift – both have done several stories on the Food Bank and the incredible need our community faces due to food insecurity.

To the management and staff of Channel 15, St. Mary’s is touched by your benevolence and extends the offer to come back any time. When you distribute 275,000 meals a day, another helping hand is always appreciated!

Garden club gears up for 2 months of gleaning

The Sun City Garden Club is serious about citrus.
by Erin Turner
Daily News-Sun

About 20 volunteers from among the club’s 110 members kicked off the 2010 Sun City Citrus Drive Tuesday. The group of gleaners will attempt a huge feat in the next two months as they collect grapefruit, oranges and lemons from homes in Sun City.

“Last year we did over 460,000 pounds, so this year our goal is 500,000-plus,” said Pete Petersen, Sun City Garden Club president. “We always try to out-do the year before.”

The Citrus Drive began in 2002. The club has since collected more than 2 million pounds, which benefits the St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance.

“No other club in the United States does what we do. It’s pretty impressive,” Petersen said.

The volunteers will glean fruit Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays beginning Thursday this week until March 22. They’ll generally go out between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. and complete six houses or about 18 trees each day, Petersen said.

“We’re very active. We always claim 99 percent gleaned. Some of those trees are 30 feet high, and we crawl all the way up in them. We’ve got guys who are 70, 80 years old who climb trees,” he said. “We’re quite proud of it and rightly so. We’re more of a philanthropic club. We all garden at our homes … but mostly we’re a philanthropic club.”

Petersen said residents who request for their trees to be gleaned for a small fee — or residents who drop off their own citrus at one of four collection sites at the community — should take pride in the drive.

“I always give the residents credit. I always say it’s the Sun City Citrus Drive, so it makes them feel like they’re a part of it,” he said. “What this does is it goes for a good cause and a lot of people benefit from it. That’s what our motivation is.”

St. Mary’s participates in food exchange programs with food banks in other states. Citrus will be shipped to Idaho, for instance, in exchange for potatoes, said Chuck Citrus, citrus coordinator for St. Mary’s.

To read more and how you can volunteer, click here

Our Volunteers Rock!!!

brought to you by Kara Ritter, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance Communication Specialist
Photos by Imagyst Photography
The Rock & Box Event last night at St. Mary’s Food Bank was a roaring success thanks to volunteers from across the Valley. In two hours, about 75 volunteers were able to produce 1,680 bonus boxes and bagged 5,246 pounds of produce!
Several groups (Wells Fargo, Chase and other church groups) helped create the boxes our 700 agencies that help those who need it most during the holiday season. THANK YOU to our VOLUNTEERS, 98.7 THE PEAK, BOBBY-Qs and ROCKY the ROADRUNNER from the Phoenix Roadrunners.
Mark Your Calendars:
The next Rock & Box will be October 28. If you are interested, call us at (602) 242-FOOD!


The Fine Folks at Chase

The Fine Folks at Chase

Rock & Box Team Action

Rock & Box Team Action


Food Resourcing Queen Hortencia Garcia & Rocky the Roadrunner

Food Resourcing Queen Hortencia Garcia & Rocky the Roadrunner


Who Says Its Just Girls Who Wanna Have Fun?

Who Says Its Just Girls Who Wanna Have Fun?

No Job Too Small...

No Job Too Small...