Scottsdale Insurance “Rally against Hunger” Drive Collects More Than 11,000 Pounds for St. Mary’s

During the summer months, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance leans on its “Hunger Heroes” to help the Food Bank get through the long hot summer with donations of food, time and funds during a time when all three are in short supply.

Scottsdale Insurance has been one of the guiding lights in the battle against hunger and in 2012 – the company’s 30th anniversary – President and Chief Operating Officer Mike Miller, Vice President of Claims and St. Mary’s Board of Directors Treasurer Susan Wain and their great crew of caring associates completed a trifecta of giving with incredible results.

After presenting St. Mary’s with a check for $55,000 in May, Scottsdale Insurance held a month-long “Rally for Hunger” Food Drive in July with the goal of collecting many of St. Mary’s most-needed, non-perishable food items. With a huge racetrack tote board in their lobby and every 40 items collected representing “a mile” on the road to victory, the goal of collecting “30 miles” of peanut butter, rice, cereals and bottled water was set.

Scottsdale Insurance employees not only reached the goal, they demolished it in less than three weeks. By the end of the month, 11,182 pounds of food and water filled the lobbies of their two office locations and was ready to be collected and placed in the more than 30,000 emergency food boxes St. Mary’s distributes each week.

All told, that means enough food and funds for St. Mary’s to distribute enough food for 396,182 meals to those in need. And Scottsdale Insurance employees, who will back up that donation with more than 1,000 hours of volunteer time this year, are frequent visitors to the St. Mary’s warehouse to donate their time and pack food boxes as well.

It’s an incredible outpouring of support and compassion, a commitment to the hungry of Arizona that makes Scottsdale Insurance a true Hunger Hero. To everyone who took part in this labor of love, a sincere and heartfelt thank you on behalf of the thousands who will benefit from this support.