Volunteer of the Month- Jan 2016

bruce blogCongratulations to our Volunteer of the Month, Bruce Murdock. Bruce has been volunteering for 6 years- 5,200 hours total! He began volunteering right when our Knight Transportation Community Services Center first opened. He heard about St. Mary’s on TV and was looking for something to keep him busy, and he wanted to give back.

Bruce’s favorite time to volunteer is Thanksgiving week. He likes how eventful it is and the amount of people we are able to help. He recalls that this past thanksgiving (2015), they served 10,288 clients.

He says the thank yous and genuine appreciation from our clients is what he loved most about volunteering at St. Mary’s. “I’ve really enjoyed my time here giving back.”

While he has enjoyed his time here, Bruce just had his very last day volunteering with us. He is ready to spend more time at home with the wife. “We are newlyweds… Only been together 50 years!” he says.

Bruce has been such an integral part of our team, it’s hard to imagine what it will be like without him. But we thank him for his years of service and all the lives he has touched. We will miss his hard work and his humor. When we asked, what will we do without you Bruce? He responded with a chuckle and “Guess you’ll find out!”