Citrus Gleaning (Seasonal)

Citrus Gleaning (Seasonal) 2
Citrus Gleaning (Seasonal) 1

Your excess citrus can become important nutrition for Arizona’s hungry. Sign up to have your citrus trees gleaned for a small fee. Online registration will begin on September 14, 2018 and ends December 3, 2018. Please note that gleaning will start on January 14, and end on March 29, 2019. Gleaning schedule notifications will be sent as soon as your trees are scheduled for gleaning and you will be notified prior to the coming of the gleaning crew. You DO NOT need to call for scheduling until end of end of February, in case we missed you. St Mary’s Food Bank Alliance will be gleaning in the following zip code in 2019: 85018, 85251, 85351, 85373, 85374 and 85375. Please click this link for your registration if you are within these zip codes.  Gleaning of small trees below 20 feet cost $30 while big trees above 20 feet cost $35.

If you need help to glean your trees but your property is not within the designated zip codes, you can send an email to, if you have more than 30 trees. Organizations such as Home Owners Association (HOA) with more than 70 trees but also outside the designated zip codes can also send an email. Or you can ask for bin and glean the trees and donate the fruits to St Mary’s Food Bank. Gleaning of property will be based on availability of gleaning crew.