A Single Mother Says “Thank you.”

How your generosity is helping feed families like Rebecca’s.

Rebecca pushed a cart to her car filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and yogurt, and an emergency food box she received from St. Mary’s Food Bank. She returned the cart with a huge smile. “Life isn’t always what you expect, but things are looking up and are getting better.”

Rebecca is a single mom with one son at home and one on his own. She was extremely proud of her oldest when he received a bachelor’s degree, knowing his education will offer more choices and a more stable life than she was able to provide as a single parent.

After graduating from ASU Rebecca’s son was hired at a successful company. He met and married a wonderful woman and soon after they added two beautiful kids to their family. Unfortunately, a short time later, he fell on hard times, and lost everything. As he is putting his life back together, Rebecca opened her home to her grandchildren. Single parent Rebecca struggles to provide nourishing food for three children while working full time at a low-paying job. She turns to St. Mary’s and you to make ends meet.

Rebecca has kept a positive outlook through these challenges. “There are people in worse situations. I am grateful for what I have and my son is working to make things better.” Her son is excited about the future and being a better father to his daughter and son.

“I don’t need to come to St. Mary’s often, only when it is absolutely necessary and I have nothing to feed my grand kids.” Rebecca makes it a point to always smile. She smiled and said thank you to everyone as she left St. Mary’s.

Your gifts help keep the smile on Rebecca’s face and make healthy food available for her young child and grandchildren. On behalf of Rebecca’s family and other families like hers, we thank you for your support!