Agency Spotlight: Teen Challenge of Arizona Christian Life Ranch

Agency Spotlight

This month we would like to spotlight Teen Challenge of Arizona Christian Life Ranch and the work their residents are doing through a unique partnership. Teen Challenge is a national program that provides recovery services for individuals struggling with addiction through their various residential programs and outreach services. Teen Challenge has been in Arizona for about 51 years and has specialized centers for adolescents, women, men, and children.

Christian Life Ranch, one of their men’s residential locations, is described as a training phase facility and houses over 50 men. Every summer, during peak wildfire season, residents of Christian Life Ranch travel to states like California, Colorado, and Utah to assist in cooking meals for firefighters battling wildfires.

This is possible through partnerships with catering companies where residents work goes toward helping fund Teen Challenge programming. Residents are able to gain valuable life experience developing culinary skills as they continue their journey towards success. This partnership is valuable with the catering companies relying heavily on Teen Challenge to ensure that upwards of 2,000 firefighters are fed each year.

We want to thank Teen Challenge for their partnership and the work they are doing to improve the community!