Phoenix Canstruction 2017 Recap

Every year St. Mary’s Food Bank gets a huge donation of food from architects, engineers, contractors, design firms, and design students who all participate in Phoenix Canstruction. Phoenix Canstruction is an amazing event, hosted by the Society for Marketing Professional Services, that invites teams to get creative and make structures entirely out of canned goods!

51,000 lbs. donated!

From dump trucks to tractors and Mr. T to Mario, these teams took up to seven hours to create some incredible structures all while helping provide food for people in need. Last year, Phoenix Canstruction helped donate 47,000 pounds of food to St. Mary’s Food Bank. This year they bested their high score and donated 51,000 pounds of food!

The structures that were built are still on display for the public to see at the Phoenix Convention Center until August 12th (appropriately named “Decanstruction Day”).

Holding ourselves to a high standard, we still have a goal to be able to distribute 125 million pounds of food by 2021. With amazing events like Phoenix Canstruction we will consistently strive to make sure that our communities are growing and we are truly fighting hunger. St. Mary’s Food Bank thanks the Phoenix Canstruction teams and the Society for Marketing Professional Services for helping donate 51,000 pounds of food and for putting on an amazing event. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next year!

Want to see more of these magnificent structures? Click HERE to check out the Canstruction Facebook page.

Phoenix Canstruction 2017 Recap 1
Phoenix Canstruction 2017 Recap 2