Welcome to our Monthly Giving Circle!

Our monthly donors lead the way in providing healthy, nutritious food to our neighbors in need.

Our Monthly Giving Circle allows people like Josefa to feed her family.

Josefa lives with her husband, her disabled mom, and five children (including two that are adopted). Her husband has a full-time job that provided for their family, until his hours significantly reduced due to the impacts of COVID-19.

With a much smaller paycheck and the same number of growing children to feed, the family struggles to keep food on the table and are barely able to afford paying their electric bill and water bill. Imagine having to consider completely turning off the air conditioning in the scorching hot Phoenix summer, just to be able to stretch money far enough for food. Thankfully, they came to St. Mary’s Food Bank for help instead.

Josefa spent her childhood volunteering at a local food bank. Fast forward many years later, she understands what it’s like to be on the receiving end. She receives enough food to feed her family. She loves the fresh quality of food, especially the meat, dairy, and produce. She is so proud to be able to utilize every single item of food given to her.

“I don’t know how we would have paid our bills without the help from St. Mary’s Food Bank,” she told us. Thanks to your continued support, families like Josefas’ don’t have to choose between paying their utility bill or going hungry.

Benefits of Joining our Monthly Giving Circle


Your support will be a reliable source of funding year-round to ensure that people across Arizona have access to nourishing, healthy food.


Your monthly gifts help to lower costs with less mailing and administrative processing, making it possible for St. Mary's Food Bank to use your gift where the need is greatest and use it efficiently.


It is easier than ever to bring hope to the lives of our neighbors in need. Your monthly gifs are made automatically using your credit card or bank account.

Members of the Monthly Giving Circle receive:

• Quarterly newsletters

• Matching gift opportunities

• An annual giving statement summarizing your donations

• Special invitations

Donating to St. Mary's means supporting more than 900 partners around Arizona including child food programs, domestic violence and homeless shelters, rehab center, senior and veteran programs and tribal entities all across the state!

Watch the video below to hear from these organizations, and how your support is impacting the lives of those they serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I Increase My Monthly Giving Amount?
Click HERE to update your monthly donation or call (602) 343-2548 or email monthlygiving@stmarysfoodbank.org
2When will my monthly gift process each month?
Your gift will process the day you start your recurring gift and will process on the same day each month.
3How can I update my payment method for my monthly donation?
Click HERE to update your monthly donation or call (602) 343-2548.
4Does St. Mary's Food Bank share my name to companies or to non-profits?
No, St. Mary's Food Bank never sells or shares your information with companies or other non-profits.
5Are my monthly donations eligible for the Arizona State Tax Credit?
Yes, all monetary donations made to St. Mary's Food Bank are eligible for the Arizona Tax Credit up to $400 individually and $800 for joint filing. Learn more at FirstFoodBank.org/AZTaxCredit
6How can I cancel my monthly donations?
You can cancel your monthly giving by calling (602) 343-2548 or email monthlygiving@stmarysfoodbank.org.
7Can I make a one-time donation in addition to my monthly donation?
Yes, you can make additional gifts anytime. You can call (602) 242-3663, go to our website or mail a donation to St Mary's Food Bank Attn:Development - 2831 N. 31st Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85009

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