Hard-Working Family Thankful for Food and Help

Thanks to You, Hungry Neighbors No Longer Have to Choose

When Danny’s wife, Anita, had to leave her pharmaceutical position to stay at home with their young son, Dean, and their older autistic son, David, finances got really tight. Danny’s job as a math teacher just did not cover the cost of living expenses AND food. So they turned to St. Mary’s for help.

“When you’re faced with paying bills or buying groceries, something’s got to give,” Anita said.

The boxes and bags of food we send home with families like Danny and Anita’s are critical to provide necessary nutrition for children to grow healthy and strong. Danny and Anita know this all too well. Thanks to your generosity, and that of all our friends, the food they receive is enough to help them get by each month.

“Thank you to St. Mary’s Food Bank and wonderful people like you for helping us!” Anita exclaimed.

But what we do for hungry families today means little to those who will face hunger tomorrow. That’s why we are so grateful for your continued support, especially with the holidays almost here. Thank you!