A New Day For Ana

Every day, lives are changed because of you. Your kind support ensures nourishing food gets into the hands of your hungry neighbors here in Arizona. Here is the story of Ana, a mother who relies on St. Mary’s Food Bank to feed her growing boys, in her own words:

I’ve been coming to St. Mary’s Food Bank for about a year. I’m short on money and have two boys who are growing, so they eat a lot. I want them to be able to have fresh fruits and vegetables. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables here, so for me that’s the best.

There are many people in need. You feel good about yourself when you help other people. It’s always good to help. Thank you!

Ana is just one of the many people who have hope, thanks to you. Children, families, and seniors rely on St. Mary’s Food Bank for food to get them through the day — and we rely on your gifts and volunteer hours to make this work possible. Thank you for opening your heart to those in need!