A Fresh Start. A Brighter Future.

“What Community Kitchen has done for my spirit is incredible.”

“My name is Trina and I was incarcerated for four years. Upon my release I went through a very rough period trying to find employment.

Thankfully, my caseworker told me about Community Kitchen, St. Mary’s Food Bank’s 16-week culinary and life skills training program. I have been cooking since the age of 12, and I saw this as an opportunity to begin a new career path.

St. Mary’s Food Bank welcomed me with open arms. There was no judgement about my past. Instead, they were committed to helping me create a brighter future for me and my 13-year-old daughter.

Recently, I graduated from the Community Kitchen program, but I want to continue to take hospitality classes and management courses, as my ultimate goal is to be in management.

Thanks to St. Mary’s Food Bank and your support, I feel like I am in a good place in life, and I have not had that feeling in a long, long time.” -Trina