Logistics. Inventory. Forklift. Training.

LIFT is a Warehouse & Logistics Job Training & Life Skills Program

for those with barriers to employment.

We are a 6-week Warehouse & Logistics Job Training Program aimed at giving our students a second chance in life by providing all of the skills necessary to be successful in the warehouse & logistics industry.
Students gain the skills to get jobs offering livable wages, benefits, and opportunities for advancement through hands-on warehouse training, computer-based training, and classroom studies.
  • Some of the job skills training topics include certified forklift training, material handling equipment, warehouse safety, global supply chain logistics, quality controls, and inventory management.
  • The life skills training includes classes for anger management, teamwork, communication, understanding stress, and money management.
  • Each student receives job-placement assistance and support following graduation.

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Contact St. Mary's Skills Center for information at (602) 343-3183

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Program Requirements

All candidates that are interested in the LIFT program must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently facing a significant barrier to employment
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Authorized to work in the United States
  • Able to pass a drug test
  • Do not have an arson or a sexual offense on criminal record
  • Agree to a drug test and random testing throughout the program
  • Agree to a background check
  • Have sincere enthusiasm and interest in the warehouse & logistics industry
  • Living in a stable living environment i.e. shelter, own/rent
  • Able to attend classes Monday- Friday from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  • Able to arrive at classes on time and prepared for the day
  • Able to engage in regular, steady employment in the warehouse & logistics industry upon completion of the program
How to Apply
Classes begin every 3 weeks. Candidates are expected to commit to the 6-week program and adhere to a strict attendance and punctuality policy. Classes are held Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. The following steps have been put into place to ease the admissions process of applying to LIFT. If you cannot commit to program requirements currently, please do not apply until you can. With classes starting every three weeks there are multiple opportunities and flexibility for arranging life schedules.
  • Step one: To be considered for an upcoming class please apply online or download the application and deliver it to 3003 W. Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85017. Applications may be faxed to (480) 780-3799.
  • Step two: Attend an Information Session which are held every Wednesday at 10 a.m. at our training facility located at 3003 W. Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85017, in the University of Phoenix Programs Center. The session is approximately one hour. Download Map
  • Step three: All interested candidates will be invited to a one-on-one interview with a LIFT staff member.
  • Once the above steps have been completed we will:
  • Accept: Accepted candidates will be notified in writing regarding their enrollment date, orientation information, and next steps.
  • Waitlist: If no openings are available for the next upcoming class, accepted candidates will be placed on a waitlist.
  • Decline: Declined candidates will be notified in writing if they were not selected for the program and will be provided with other community resources.
For more information or assistance with your application please contact LIFT at (602) 343-3183.
Why does this program exist? To empower disadvantaged adults to achieve self-sufficiency through job training, personal development, and employment in the warehouse & logistics industry.

What skill level do students have after completing the program? Students receive a 6-week condensed program with a combination of classroom studies and practical learning. When students fully participate and practice the skills they learn, they will be qualified for a warehouse logistics position.

What is the average hourly wage earned by the graduates? The wages vary depending on each student’s attitude, skills, and abilities.

Do students have to pay for this training? Thanks to generous community donors, the program is offered at no cost to people who need assistance and are looking for a positive life change.

What is the average class size? The average class size is 8 students per class.

Does the program provide housing for students during the training? Housing is not offered as part of the program; however, students can be referred to agencies that do offer these types of services.

How do people find out about LIFT? The majority of students learn of LIFT from other social service agencies where they are already receiving assistance.

Where are classes held? The training is conducted at St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance in the University of Phoenix Center. The physical address is 3003 W. Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85017. (This is our only location.)

Are graduates guaranteed a job? The majority of graduates are working in great careers shortly after graduation. Every individual has different life circumstances, ability levels, and motivation levels that can affect employment; therefore, we cannot “guarantee” employment to every graduate.

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How you can help us make
the LIFT program a success.

Hire a LIFT Graduate
  • Our graduates come ready to work. They are trained in material handling equipment, warehouse safety, global supply chain logistics, quality controls, inventory management, and have had to adhere to a strict attendance and drug policy.
  • You won’t have to pay any recruiting or advertising costs to find a new employee.
  • If the graduate is a felon, you may receive tax advantages.
  • It’s the socially responsible thing to do.
Make a decision that’s good for your business and will help change lives here in the Phoenix area. Hire a LIFT graduate today. If you are part of an organization that would like to hire our graduates, or learn more about our program and curriculum, contact us at (602) 343-3183.