Hunger Hero Champions

Without the support of our partners, we simply would not be able to support the need of so many of our neighbors throughout Arizona. 

Thank you for joining us in the fight against hunger!

Your partnership provides healthy meals to Arizona children, seniors and families in need.

Our Hunger Hero Champions are local farms, food service retailers, manufacturers and distributors whose tremendous support enables us to build a food secure community by reaching youth, families and the community at large. St. Mary's Food Bank honors these businesses for investing in the health of their communities and working as true partners to help alleviate hunger.

St. Mary's Food Bank Phoenix is a Qualifying Charitable Organization.

St. Mary’s Food Bank Phoenix is a Qualifying Charitable Organization and equally important is certified on the Department of Revenue’s website for Donations made to Qualifying Charitable Organizations. Your 2022 Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Donation to St. Mary’s Food Bank can be included in your Federal Tax Deductions in addition to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. St. Mary’s Food Bank Phoenix Qualifying Organization Code (QCO) is 20208. Please consult a qualified tax advisory for personal tax advice.

Make an AZ Charitable Tax Credit Donation to St. Mary's today!

St. Mary's Food Bank is committed to ease the burden of hunger for so many of our neighbors struggling to get back to normal. We are proud that we continue to stretch every $1 to provide enough food for 5 meals and have been able to answer the need for food. Thank you for your kind support.


St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix is able to distribute 250,000 meals every day to people in need right here in Arizona. It’s done with the help of volunteer hours, cash donations, and our network of food donors and food drives.

Your Charitable Donation Provides Food to Local Children Facing Hunger.

At St. Mary’s Food Bank Phoenix, we are using the 2022 Arizona Charitable Tax Credit to End Hunger in AZ.

St. Mary’s Food Bank’s Kids Cafe® has been providing more than 5,000 meals daily to Children throughout the Valley. With your tax deductible donation, St. Mary’s Food Bank Child Nutrition Programs are expanding to provide food assistance to hungry children in Arizona. Your charitable donation to St. Mary’s Food Bank provides food to Arizona children and families in need. Donate up to $800 to St. Mary’s Food Bank and get it back with the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, and get it back in your tax refund.