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We Almost Got Evicted

Three generations of Linda’s family live under one roof, as many people do when money is tight.

“I’m really having a bad day’” Linda said, when she visited the St. Mary’s Food Bank food pantry in Surprise.

“People look at you and think, ‘Oh wow, look at what she’s wearing or look what she’s driving.’ You don’t know what to do,” Linda sighed. “Whether you eat or go to the doctor. Eat or pay the rent. We almost got evicted three times.”

Linda is diabetic and battles a rare foot disease that will likely lead to one or both feet being amputated. In order to stay healthy, she needs to stick to a nourishing diet. “I am on disability so it’s been kind of hard to have the extra money to buy food, so this really helps out,” Linda said.

With her need for a healthy diet, Linda appreciated receiving a cart full of healthy food including vegetables such as cucumbers, cabbages, and tomatoes.

Food Insecurity is the lack of consistent access to adequate food.

In Arizona, food insecurity is a problem 2 million Arizonans are faced with every year. Nearly 30% of our neighbors are considered working poor, living on wages that barely cover housing and other basic necessities.

With little money to spare for food, many in our community — friends, family, coworkers — often go without food for meals at a time and have no other choice than to purchase the cheapest, sometimes expired, groceries to feed themselves and their families.

Poverty is a very real problem for Arizonans, but together we can find a way to ease the burden on our hungry neighbors. Help end hunger in our community.

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