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Partner Agency Toolkit

The St. Mary’s Food Bank Agency Toolkit is intended to provide Agency Partners with information about resources and regulations for the programs they are operating.

Access the Toolkit any time here.

The policies detailed in our Toolkit come from St. Mary’s Food Bank, Arizona Department of Economic Security, the United States Department of Agriculture, Feeding America, and other sources. Please note, this manual is a living document and SMFB may clarify or add policies and procedures a need arises.

Capacity Grant

St. Mary’s Food Bank is dedicated in providing support to our partner organizations, including grants to assist and build capacity on services offered.Our capacity grant is here to assist our partners as they grow to meet the ever changing needs of clients and their community. When the need arises you may apply to us for Capacity Grant assistance to grow your programs.

Apply for SMFB's Capacity Grant here.

You may apply for a Capacity Grant as often as needed.

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