Arizona kids spend Part of the Summer Helping their Neighbors

Sometimes it’s hard to get going on a Monday, so here’s a little pick-me-up for your soul.

This Luke and Asher Curtis of Phoenix. They recently decided to put up a limeade stand in front of their house and – for the smokin’ price of 25 cents per cup – refresh the neighborhood while raising money for St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance.

By the end of the day, the children of Nate and Emily Curtis had raised 18 dollars that they donated to help the one in four Arizona kids who don’t know where their next meal will come from.

Told ya. I can see that smile from here. And how about that great sign!

It’s amazing how many kids hear about the problem of hunger in their community and want to do something to help. A few days ago, a 10-year-old boy stopped by the food bank with his mom and younger brother and sister. He sold lemonade in front of his house and was carrying a plastic zip-lock back with the $20.88 he collected from his family and neighbors.

He didn’t want to leave his name. He just “wanted to help the hungry people.” You sure did, buddy.

Thank you to Luke and Asher and our mystery helper, who combined to enough for the food bank to distribute the equivalent of almost 300 meals into the community.

Send Hunger Packing: Kids are Helping Kids

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance would like to thank 9-year-old Macy Stewart, who came to our location in Surprise with a very special donation.

Macy decided to hold her own food drive for one in four kids who don’t have enough to each in her community. She created her own food donations bags and distributed them to her classmates, asking them to go home and see if they could fill them to help out.

The students and parents from Macy’s class sure responded. The final total was 844 pounds of food, which Macy proudly brought to the food bank recently with her parents – who were mighty proud of what Macy had accomplished. That’s 844 meals for those in need – thanks to one 9-year-old with a plan to make a difference.

Thank you Macy. Enjoy your summer. We are all very impressed by your heart and your example.

All Saints’ Episcopal Church and Day School Holds “Pennies for Peanut Butter” Event as Part of “Kids Helping Kids” Food Drive



The staff and students at All Saints’ Episcopal Church and Day School are annually responsible for one of the largest elementary school food drives in the state around the holiday season to benefit the Food. And when St. Mary’s asked for an extra hand this spring through the “Kids Helping Kids” Food Drive, All Saints’ was one of the first schools to respond – this time with a “Pennies for Peanut Butter” drive to make sure kids will have food during the long hot summer.

Students from the fifth, sixth and seventh grades took part in a friendly competition among home rooms to see which class could collect the most pennies during that drive. And when the final penny was counted, tens of thousands of Arizona children will be fed thanks to the generosity of the students, parents and faculty.

On behalf of those in need, thank you, All Saints’ Episcopal Church for supporting St. Mary’s efforts this summer.