Tom Oliver: Volunteer of Month

We would like to congratulate Tom Oliver at Paulden Christian Fellowship for being our August Volunteer of the Month! Tom has been volunteering at the Paulden Food Pantry since 2013. He started attending Christian Fellowship Church and asked if how he could help the community. Pastor Oliver Thomas asked Tom if he would like to volunteer at the Food Pantry. Tom first started helping with the distribution and cleaning around the food pantry, after a few months of volunteering he… Read More

Agency Spotlight: Teen Challenge of Arizona Christian Life Ranch

This month we would like to spotlight Teen Challenge of Arizona Christian Life Ranch and the work their residents are doing through a unique partnership. Teen Challenge is a national program that provides recovery services for individuals struggling with addiction through their various residential programs and outreach services. Teen Challenge has been in Arizona for about 51 years and has specialized centers for adolescents, women, men, and children. Christian Life Ranch, one of their men’s residential locations, is described as… Read More

Rethink Your Drinks and Hydrate This Summer

Arizona summers can be brutal and proper hydration is important to everyone.  Our bodies are composed of 60-75% water and maintaining good hydration is necessary for optimal health and basic body function. With so many choices out there, from sugary carbonated drinks, caffeinated and other enhances sports drinks, it is easy to think we are taking enough fluids on to maintain optimal health. The truth is these items do not properly hydrate you! In fact, they may even cause dehydration… Read More

Sheria Liles: SMFBA’s Outstanding Volunteer of the Month

Sheria Liles: SMFBA’s Outstanding Volunteer of the Month
Congratulations to Sheria Liles, our SMFBA July Volunteer of the Month! We would like to highlight Sheria’s work at Food for Families- Bullhead City Food Bank. Sheria is the Director of the Food Bank, and serves in this position as a volunteer. In addition to serving the Bullhead City community, Sheria and her team also go to Golden Valley and Golden Shores and host distributions at each location once a month. Additionally, Sheria has led the charge in raising the… Read More

28,000 Hours of Service

Congratulations Mary Jane at Banner Olive Branch—SMFBA June Volunteer of the Month!   Mary Jane is passionate about helping others in need and says that she received this gift from her father, Marvin Gibson, who was one of the original founders of the Westside Food Bank. Mary Jane first started volunteering at Banner Olive Branch in the spring of 1990.  Her first role was operating their food distribution program, called Care Club, which worked alongside Westside Food Bank.  Since then… Read More

Food for Fines

Food for Fines
Pay off library fines with food donations and help St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance during the 2017 “Food for Fines” grace period April 8-23 at all 17 Phoenix public libraries. Phoenix – National Library Week 2017 is April 9th – April 15th and Phoenix Public Library is celebrating by once again helping you get out of debt – at least when it comes to overdue books. Yes, it’s the time of year you’ve been waiting for! Come into any of… Read More

Walmart Grant Enables St. Mary’s to Increase Food Donations

Walmart Grant Enables St. Mary's to Increase Food Donations
Every year we receive millions of pounds of food from our local grocery and retail stores from their dairy, deli, meat, bakery, and produce departments. Grocery rescue plays a major role in our strategy to close the meal gap in Arizona. And thanks to a generous grant from the Walmart Foundation, we have been able to increase these food donations from stores even more this year. Thank you Walmart! Read More

Horn of Plenty Newsletter – Winter 2017

Horn of Plenty Newsletter - Winter 2017
Since her husband died in 2011 — on Father’s Day — Vicki has had a hard time. They had been married for 43 years, and Vicki, now 80, still grieves the loss as if it was yesterday. “We had so much fun together,” she said. “We would ride around, go to Pinnacle Peak. It was good.” “I’m thankful for the food bank,” she said. “I appreciate what they do. It helps me to make ends meet.” Read the rest of… Read More

Thank you Tyson Foods!

  St. Mary’s has been able to provide more healthy protein to families in need over the last several months thanks to a Tyson Foods Protein Innovation grant. This grant has allowed us to develop a partnership with JBS Tolleson who now repackages and donates meat to St. Mary’s Food Bank. An estimated 190,000 pounds of ground beef will now be distributed throughout Arizona to people who need it most! Thank you Tyson & JBS! Read More