Mobile Pantry

Not everyone can come to a St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance location for emergency boxes, so we have expanded our efforts to bring the Food Bank to them.

Drive past a certain primary school in Phoenix one Wednesday each month, and you will see a St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance truck, pallets and pallets of fruit, vegetables and bread—as well as dozens of neighborhood families awaiting this much-needed, nutritious food. This scene is playing out in countless communities throughout Arizona as the St. Mary’s Mobile Pantry program, which has grown to more than 30 sites in both rural and urban locations, bringing perishable food directly to neighborhoods in the greatest need.

“We know we’re helping these communities and keeping them healthy at the same time,” said St. Mary’s Community Development Manager Scott Gray. “You can tell by the reaction we get that we’re really making a difference. The need is just so strong. This is the kind of food people need to be eating, but don’t always have the ability.”

“This is so important to our parents,” said local Community Outreach Coordinator Alana Ragland. “It brings our community together. It becomes their effort. They set it up, give out the food to one another, and they are promoting healthy food opportunities, which makes it powerful to us.”

Those interested in locating the nearest Mobile Pantry location can call (602) 242-FOOD (3663).

To support the Mobile Pantry Program as a volunteer or donor, please contact Scott Gray at (602) 343-5643.

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