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If you would like to communicate the importance of helping the hungry to Arizona businesses, schools, government agencies, philanthropic organizations, and other potential sources of support become an advocate for our programs. Among the many ways you can support St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, consider these:

Learn More About the Challenge.

The first step toward becoming an advocate is to learn as much as you can about the challenges facing the hungry in the state of Arizona. We recommend that you review the following links as a first step: Hunger Stats in Arizona Feeding America: WHEAT:

Communicate What You know.

You can also help by speaking with decision-makers of local businesses and other organizations that have financial resources, services and manpower to donate, but may not be aware of the difference they can make.

Ask Your Elected Officials to Take Action.

The people with the most power are the ones who can make the greatest difference in how we face the challenge of hunger. Contact them at:

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