Financial gurus wanted to participate in the Hill of Beans Food Drive

Calling all accountants, CPAs, financial gurus and other bean counters to participate in the  16th Annual Hill of Beans Food Drive!

Hill of Beans is an annual friendly competition between the bean counters in the Valley of the Sun to see who can collect the most funds and non-perishable food to donate to St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance.

The food drive runs from August 1 to 31. Each pound of non-perishable food counts as one meal or ‘bean,’ and every dollar donated counts as SEVEN meals or ‘beans.’ The participants who collect the most beans and the most beans per capita will be proclaimed the “Chief Bean Counters!”

This year you can also take your food drive online and make your ‘beans’ virtual! Participants can set up an e-food drive by creating a personalized webpage, asking people to join your team, set goals and then collect funds without ever having to write a check.

Last year’s winner was Miller, Allen and Co., P.C. Can your organization or company knock them off the Hill of Beans to become the Chief Bean Counter this year? Sign up today and join in the fun. Contact Ernesto Ortiz at 602-343-3169 or to find out more.