Shopping sprees sponsored by Alliance Beverage brings in more than 1500 pounds of food for St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance was the beneficiary of two shopping sprees at local grocery stores on Dec. 18. The shopping sprees were sponsored by Alliance Beverage and raided the shelves of a Ranch Market and Food City in Phoenix.

At the first location, members of the Los Bomberos from the Phoenix Fire Department lined up with two shopping carts and after the horn sounded, they swiped canned food items into the carts from the shelves of the Ranch Market on Grand Ave in Phoenix. After the 60 seconds was up, they had filled two shopping carts to overflowing with non-perishable food items. The bill came to nearly $1,500 of exactly the kind of items the Food Bank needs – peanut butter, tuna, soups, rice and chili.

Later in the afternoon, more members of the Phoenix Fire Department assembled at the Food City on 7th Ave and Southern. After staking out the aisles with the best food, they were off for their 60 second spree. They too focused on the top items that the Food Bank needs for its emergency food boxes – beans, canned vegetables, canned meats and the ever important peanut butter. Their haul brought in over $1000 worth of food for the hungry of Arizona.

All told, the food weighed more than 1,500 pounds. Thank you to the firefighters, Ranch Market and Food City for their participation, and to Alliance Beverage for their generous support of our mission to alleviate hunger in Arizona! The food donated will go directly in the over 30,000 emergency food drive boxes that the Food Bank gives out every month. Watch the fun on our Youtube site:




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