Send Hunger Packing: Kids are Helping Kids

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance would like to thank 9-year-old Macy Stewart, who came to our location in Surprise with a very special donation.

Macy decided to hold her own food drive for one in four kids who don’t have enough to each in her community. She created her own food donations bags and distributed them to her classmates, asking them to go home and see if they could fill them to help out.

The students and parents from Macy’s class sure responded. The final total was 844 pounds of food, which Macy proudly brought to the food bank recently with her parents – who were mighty proud of what Macy had accomplished. That’s 844 meals for those in need – thanks to one 9-year-old with a plan to make a difference.

Thank you Macy. Enjoy your summer. We are all very impressed by your heart and your example.

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