2012 “Food 4 Fines” Food Drive Collects a Record Total of 26,489 Pounds to benefit St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance would like thank Phoenix Public Libraries and everyone who took advantage of the 2012 “Food 4 Fines” grace period – where those with outstanding library fine were able to donate non-perishable food items to feed the hungry to offset or even wipe out fines of up to $50.

Well, the final numbers are in. For 2012, 26,489 pounds of food was collected by 15 branches around the city of Phoenix – the most ever collected in the Food 4 Fines drive in Phoenix. This food comes at a particularly important time, with St. Mary’s supplies down nearly 30 percent over this time last year and with the long, hit summer now just ahead.

Many of these non-perishable food items will go into the approximately 10,000 emergency food boxes St. Mary’s distributes into the community each month. And will school almost out and the school breakfast and lunch programs ending, there will be more of a strain on families in need to keep their children fed this summer.

 Thank you for your generosity, and to the Phoenix Public Libraries for continuing this important and impactful effort. 

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