It’s Almost Time to “Get in Bed With Mark” And Feed Arizona’s Hungry

VIDEO: Food Drive Shopping with Jim and Mark

The sixth annual KSLX, Sleep America “Get in Bed with Mark”  Food Drive begins on Wednesday, March 23. The drive collected $20,000 and 20,000 pounds of food in 2011 and has collected more than 400,000 meals over the years. This year the plans are to go even higher and set records over the three-day event. Please make plans to join Mark, Alice Cooper and a long list of local celebrities who annually stop by offering their support and encouragement.

The event will cap with the second annual Sleep America/KSLX bed race on Friday, Mar. 23 @ the Sleep America Paradise Valley location. There are still spots left for teams to join in the fun and compete for trophies and other prizes. The entry fee is $300, which will allow the food bank to distribute more than 2,000 meals to the hungry. You can use one of the racing beds in site or build one yourself! For more information, call Jerry Brown at 602-343-3160.

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