100-Ton Winds to a Successful Conclusion with Channel 15 Sonoran Living Cook-Off Segment

VIDEO HERE: ABC 15 Sonoran Living Cook-Off

With the Fry’s 100-Ton Food Drive now down to the final few days, our incredible Valley media partner, ABC 15, featured a cook-off between Fry’s President Jon Flora and “Sonoran Living” co-host Stephanie Sandoval. Using the ingredients commonly found in an emergency food  box distributed to those in need each day by St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance and United Food Bank, the contestants whipped up delicious dishes that faced the judging pallets of Beverly Damore (Chief Operating Officer, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance) and Bob Evans (CEO United Food Bank).

The winner was…the hungry of Arizona, who will receive the benefit of this incredible month-long drive. And how much was raised? Was the 100-Ton goal reached? Stay tuned for the answers later in the week!

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