Channel 15’s Tim Vetscher Leads Volunteer Gleaning Group for St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s Food Bank thanks Channel 15 reporter and volunteer gleaning supporter Tim Vetscher and his group – ironically, 15 strong – for gleaning grapefruit trees last weekend to support the hungry. Vetscher’s gang had a great time gleaning a block of trees and they’ll be back again this weekend.

The Food Bank is still in need of more volunteers to keep up with the number of people who are asking the Food Bank to glean their trees this winter. The weather is fantastic and if you have a few hours, a day or a weekend – for yourself, a group, church or organization – gleaning is a great outdoor project with a great benefit to those in need. Just leave your contact information on our Citrus hotline at (602) 343-5658 and we’ll get right back with you. Gleaning season runs through March. Now is the time to help!

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