St. Mary's Sends More Than 600 Emergency Food Boxes and 500 Emergency Baby Boxes to Tornado Victims in Alabama

Responding to the needs of the victims of the tornadoes that have stuck Alabama and many other southeastern states, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance will be sending a truckload of more than 600 emergency food boxes and 500 emergency baby boxes to Alabama on Monday, May 2.

The food boxes will sent to the West Alabama Food Bank in Northport, AL and  distributed to those who have been left homeless by last week’s devastating events. The 22 pallets of Food Boxes have more than 40,000 pounds of food and include canned fruits and vegetables, peanut butter, tuna, rice, beans and pastas and sauce.

More than 200 tornadoes touched down in seven southern states from April 25-28, killing more than 300 and leaving thousands homeless. St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance and other food banks in the Feeding America network have already responded or stand ready to help Food Banks in the affected areas distributed food to those who need it in the quickest and most effective manner possible.

“As the largest food bank in the country, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance stands ready to aid in all emergency situations and help ease the suffering of those affected by these horrific storms,” St. Mary’s President and CEO Terry Shannon said. “This truckload of emergency food boxes is needed in areas where basic services and access to food will be disrupted for quite some time.”

This shipment to Alabama – and future shipments if needed –  will leave St. Mary’s short of many needed items for emergency food boxes here in our state. If you would like to help, please make a cash donation at or make a non-perishable food donation to any St. Mary’s Food Bank location (Flagstaff, Phoenix or Surprise) or at any Goodwill or U-Haul store.

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