Food Banks See Desperate Need for Water

This weekend, temperatures are supposed to hit 115 degrees — or even higher. When it’s that hot out, food banks are desperate for water.

St. Mary’s Food Bank is busy. Demand is up 127 percent, while donations are a different story.

“For the first time this year, donations have really slacked off. Because it’s summer people are out of town and even though the shelves look full, the one thing they really need right now is water,” says Jerry Brown, who works at St. Mary’s.

The water bottles they have right now have been purchased — meaning there’s less money to purchase food. That’s why they need your donations.

“We had a great month in June, we didn’t hear too much of a yell for water when temps were in the 90’s. All the sudden temps jump up to 110, 115 and the demand skyrockets.”

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